At Waterworks we offer express and custom details. Please feel free to call or drop in to discuss a custom detail package that is tailored for you. If you are short on time, you can leave your car with us and we will call when your vehicle is ready.

  • Express Detail Services
  • Quick and easy way to improve the look of your car. No appointment necessary!

    Choose from a wide variety of services:

    Orbital Wax

    Supreme Interior Cleaning

    Vinyl Interior Package

    Shampoo Carpets & Mats

    Lexol or Shampoo Seats

    Interior Vinyl Treatment

    Exterior Vinyl Treatment

    Complete Vinyl Treatment

  • Custom Detail Services
  • Tailored to meet your needs.

    Carnauba Wax

    Sealer Polymer II

    Clay Express

    Oxidized High Speed Buff

    Tar & Tree Sap Removal

    Interior Detail

    Complete Detail

    Mini Detail

  • Maguire’s Detail Services
  • Maguire’s is one of the oldest names in car care. Maguire’s has been making car
    care products since 1901 and today Maguire’s is among the best car care
    companies in the world.

    We now offer Maguire’s Premium Detail Services and Packages:

    Maguire’s Presidential Detail

    Maguire’s Protector Package

    Maguire’s Synthetic Sealant 2.0

    Maguire’s Headlight Restoration